Tuition Assistance

The Iowa Independent School Tuition Organization (IISTO) provides lower income families the opportunity to attend member schools. A win for all, IISTO is a charitable organization that receives voluntary cash contributions from individual Iowa taxpayers. IISTO then allocates those funds in the form of tuition assistance to accredited nonpublic member schools who in turn award the funds to eligible students. IISTO is funded entirely by private donations and no funds are diverted from public schools in support of private education.

Families whose adjusted gross income is less than 400% of the poverty rate qualify for assistance through IISTO. Compare your income with the “maximum income” for your family size as shown on the 2023 table below. If your household income is LESS THAN the amount shown, you meet the current financial eligibility requirements for the IISTO.

Persons in Household Poverty Guideline 400%
2 $19,720 $78,880
3 $24,680 $98,720
4 $30,000 $120,000
5 $35,140 $140,560
6 $40,280 $161,120
7 $45,420 $181,680
8 $50,560 $202,240

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,140 for each additional person.

Please contact your school directly to apply for assistance. You will be need to register with your school and supply your 2020 tax return. Applications are processed by a third party and require a $30 fee. Applications for the 2023-24 school year are due by May 15, 2023.

Do you want to apply for tuition assistance? Select your school to send a message to begin the application process.